Monday, August 3, 2015

4th Grade 2015-2016

Fourth grade is already here. I sometimes can’t believe that we have been homeschooling this long to already be at fourth grade.   I may be trying to bite off more than I can chew this year but like always I am excited to see where the new year takes us. 

4th grade

Trail Guide for Learning – Paths of Settlement

We used Trail Guide for Learning for 3rd grade and we both loved it. Since we both loved it we decided to continue on our journey and start Paths of Settlement.  In Paths of Explorations she studies Christopher Columbus, John Smith, Pilgrims, Daniel Boone, Lewis & Clark, Johnny Appleseed. We journeyed through history through the eyes of the explorers.  This year we are going through the journey though the eyes of those that settled the United States.    The events we will study will include the Colonial Period, the Revolutionary War, the war of 1812, the Civil War, and Westward Expansion.

We read books to go along with our study.  There is plenty of hands on experience to make my girl happy.  This is all in one curriculum so she can learn literature, grammar, science, history, geography and art.  This curriculum does not include math.  Soon, I will blog about a typical day in Trail Guides so you can see if it is right for you.

Math U See

GammaDeltaWe will continue on with Gamma in Math U See and then move on to Delta. Gamma’s focus is multiplication and Delta’s focus is on Division.  When we first started Math U see.  We started in the middle of the year.  So we are always starting the new school year with the old math book until we finish. 



Cursive Handwriting

This year we are introducing Cursive Handwriting with Handwriting without Tears.  I know that there are lots of schools these days that are not teaching cursive handwriting but I feel that it is an important skill to learn. My girl has been wanting to learn “fancy” writing for awhile, but I have made her wait because I wanted her printing skills to get better.  She seems to love the practice she has done in cursive so far. 



Product DetailsThis year we are incorporating Bible Study into our weeks.  I have seen this curriculum around the last few years and I finally decided that I think that she is now ready to for this study. In the past we have read Bible stories and discussed them.  This year we are using “Who is God?” by Apologia. I think that this curriculum will help give both my children a solid foundation.  We will read this together along with my kindergartener. My 4th grader will work on the workbook but I think that both of my kids can benefit with this curriculum.



Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day: Exploring Creation with Zoology 1I am wanting to incorporate Apologia’s science book “Flying Creatures the Fifth Day” or “Land Animals of the Sixth Day”.  Both of my children love learning about animals and I think that they will thrive using this curriculum.  Right now I am trying to figure out how to incorporate it. I have the materials and I am just trying to ease into this year and overwhelm us.  I will let you know how I fit this in. 



She will continue on using Rosetta Stone this year.  We need more time in the day or more days in the week to get this in on a regular basis. But again, I am trying to find a home for this during our week.  She has worked on her Spanish in 3rd grade and will continue to work on it in 4th. 


My daughter as well as my son have extra fun classes during the week. My son takes gymnastics twice a week. My daughter take gymnastics once a week.  She also has her dance days where she will focus on Tap and Jazz.  Alongside that she will have musical theater classes. 

This is going to be a busy year. But I am looking forward to it.