First Grade Curriculum

We have been in school for a few weeks already.  I have seen where we need to make some adjustments but so far things are running smoothly. 
We will continue on with reading and phonics throughMcRuffy.  This is what we used in kindergarten and it worked well for us.  We use a different reader every week. The readers are very silly and enjoyable for my silly girl.  There are workbooks that we use during the lessons. I think the part that Mickey enjoys the most is puppets that she gets to cut out and act out the stories. 
Road Trip USA
I am really looking forward to this study.  This study I bought from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  This is a study that will combine geography and history about the United States.  Last year I attempted to teach the different states but I just needed some help.  I think that through this study we will have the help we need.  There is also the lapbook that we will be using.  We are going to be using incorporating literature finding different books to read that go along with the state we are studying. 
We are trying out different science studies this year.  I am not sure which one will work better for us.  Mostly because they are different styles of teaching and levels.  We are going to state off with Chemistry.  Yes, Chemistry but it is an introduction for  the elementary level.  This one is great for Mickey because there is a lot of hands on opportunities for her to learn.
The other option for science this year is Apologia, zoology which focuses on Flying Creatures.  Mickey is in love with animals which is why I have this book.  However, I am thinking it might be a little old for her.  So I think that with a little of creativity we are going to use the book as our guide and find a way to make this more hands on. We were going to start with this book but since I needed a little extra preparation we will use this one later on in the year. 
 Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the 5th Day (Apologia Science Young Explorers)
MathWe will be using McRuffy for Math this year also.  We used McRuffy for Math last year and Mickey loved it.  There are a lot of hands on activities.  My girl loves math.  She looks forward to doing math everyday.  She loves the math games that are included with the curriculum.  I have to say this will probably be Mickey’s favorite part of the day. 

We are going to use an art program by Atelier.  We are just trying this out to see how it is for us.  It is a dvd art based program.  Each lesson is on a dvd and she has her own materials to follow along.  I am looking forward to this since I don’t have a great art background. Atelier – Homeschool Art Lesson Plans & Projects for Kids by Homeschool Art

One of the resources we are using is What’s in the Bible.   It is a series that starts with Genesis and will take you all through the Bible.  They just released the dvd with Psalms and Proverbs in it.  I really like this series.  It gives a good foundation and it is fun and silly and my kids love it.  We have only watched the first 2.  On the What’s in the Bible website there are coloring pages that go along with the dvds.  It also have some helpful resources for the parents.  If you would like a 20% coupon click on this link and you will take you to a 20% coupon.  Phil Vasser is the one behind the scenes of this video series.   He is also the same guy behind the scenes of Veggie Tales. We are going to watch the first 2 videos again and dig deeper this coming year. 
Sparks Curriculum Sample
Awana is something else that we are going to continue doing.  This year will be Mickey’s second year in Sparks.  She loved it last year.  I think that this year she will be a Wing Runner.  One thing that we did last year that helped her with her verses is download the music to the verses for this year’s book.  It is amazing how this really helps her remember her verses. I get to learn them too. 
WingRunner Handbook Music CD
So this is what we are planning on using for Bible this year.
So that is the plan.  I know that it will change over the year.  We will make adjustments where we need to.  We will take things out when we need to, we will add things in when we need to.  I think that is part of the flexibility of being a homeschooling family is all about.  I look forward to see where we will end up.  We have a plan, now it is on to the journey. 

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